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Program Highlights


State-of-the-art program content

The individual program modules are based on relevant banking and finance topics and will be delivered via classroom lectures, case discussions, group work, e-learning, a course project, and other suitable pedagogical approaches. The focus is on practicability rather than in-depth theory; the approach is "hands on".

Skilled experienced lecturers

The module leaders are experienced academics or executives with strong relations to Switzerland and/or the Swiss financial center. All have broad experience in their fields, proven teaching skills, and the willingness and desire to share their knowledge and contribute to the Swiss BET Program. Additional lecturers may support module leaders via video-based lectures.

Course project

During the program all participants will work on a specific project within their bank, with guidance from faculty. The project will be related to their current or future professional environment. The main findings will be shared with the class and summarized in a written report.

E-learning component

A separate e-learning component will be accessible to participants enrolled in the program. It will allow to prepare for individual modules and become familiar with fundamental banking and finance topics relevant for the program and the professional development.

The e-learning tool has been developed by the Swiss Finance Institute, in cooperation with the University of Zurich.  

Program brochures

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